13 Best Practices to Increase App Downloads

Increase App Downloads
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13 Best Practices to Increase App Downloads

No matter how competitive an app you develop, without proper marketing strategies, it is not possible to reach your target audience and popularize your app. Let’s have a look at some of the best marketing strategies to increase app downloads.

One becomes part of a competitive market valued in the billions of dollars when introducing a smartphone application. According to various surveys, more than 2 million apps have already been developed for Android and iOS users. In order to make your app or product exceptional and finding and holding customers is probably one of the toughest challenges for an entrepreneur. Doing that would require a robust publicity campaign. Building the app is not the toughest part but making it to the top of the charts is. However, with the proper marketing strategy, you could be there faster than you expect.

1. Build an App Landing Page

It is important to have a good landing page for your app because, for many customers, your website is always the first impression of your company. For your app, it will serve as a “showroom,” so make sure it is attractive and user-friendly and runs well across all browsers. The photos, graphics, and text of the page inspire people to discover the capabilities of the app, then download the app and eventually use it. Landing pages are important advertising resources that also serve as a user’s journey’s starting point.

2. Get Your App Reviewed & Rated

Best Practices to Increase App Downloads

Before most people make a new investment, they would review and see what others say. Feedback and ratings will help inspire potential users to press the download button. Encourage existing users to rate your app by expanding on features that make it easier for them to write a review, such as a rating prompt.  For an even more reliable opinion, you may also reach out to a knowledgeable, competent reviewer from an app-reviewing website. Bad reviews aren’t all bad either, as long as the feedback is not taken personally by you. It can be a valuable source of fresh ideas to read and respond to feedback, highlight places for change, and show prospective new users that you are involved and listening to their ideas.

3. Utilize the Viral Loop

Viral loops are perfect tools for the smartphone app to increase the number of users. Build something worth sharing and make it easier for consumers to spread the word about how awesome the app is. Viral loops help spread the word about your product by inverting the conventional marketing funnel, encouraging you to sell the app to your consumers. Viral loops can be generated by good app design: including rewards, invitation-only features, social interactions, and other referrals to set the loop in motion.

4. Optimize for App Stores

Much as you have to customize your website to rate on a search engine results page, the listing of your app needs to be designed to appear in the app store at the top of a search result as well. The more you rate, the more exposure you will have to potential new users. To get the app to stand out from the more than two million applications on the App Store, App Store optimization is important.

5. Video Marketing Interests Audience

Best Practices to Increase App Downloads

Video is now the most popular medium of advertising and it has accounted for at least 80% of all internet user traffic. Create and post videos on platforms such as Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram, and Facebook. Videos can vary from app guides to content that helps users get to know your company, lets consumers appreciate what you stand for and what challenges you fix.  Keep the videos concise, no longer than 60 seconds, and make sure that the call to action can be understood without audio.

6. Publish Press Releases

Post press releases on a daily basis and lets the public know what they can expect from your business and that you are working hard on fresh features.  Write a press release outlining the software, what it’s about, and the issues that it addresses. A comprehensive press release gives potential users a look at your business perspective and a view of what to expect.

7. Have a Social Media Presence

13 Best Practices to Increase App Downloads

Social networking offers useful information regarding your followers, in addition to boosting the popularity of your app. Learn about their interests, hear about their passions, hobbies, demographics, and more such that you can fine-tune your campaign plan. When executing your social media strategy, communicating with your followers is a must, and resharing their content is much better.   Show your customers how your app is being used by others and launch real discussions.

8. Blog Regularly

Flex your business experience, boost your exposure on results pages for search engines, and drive traffic on landing pages by daily blogging. In fact, companies that blog regularly get 126% more leads than those that don’t. In addition, blog material may be circulated in email newsletters, repurposed on social media, or displayed on a landing page as an ebook or digital resource. To generate awareness about your app, educate your audience about your development process. Study carefully which keywords to pursue, start writing quality blog posts on those subjects, and get links to increase the visibility of your search.

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9. Write Guest Blog Posts

By guest blogging on popular sites, convince everyone that you know what you’re talking about and share your business experience.  Informative, well-written content that helps enhance their platform would be enjoyed by other bloggers, and you’ll get to share your app with a new audience and give yourself backlinks to strengthen your SEO.

10. Become a Thought Leader

In order to give your two cents on the state of your business and more, start writing ebooks, starting a blog, or hosting event panels.

11. Offer Free Trials, Contests, and Giveaways

Help your customers save some money and they’re sure to express their gratitude by connecting even more with your app. To drive downloads, hand out promo codes or offer free trials.

12. Measure Key Performance Indicators of Your App

Make sure you know how well your app is growing by regularly reviewing and evaluating growth success metrics. To get a practical idea of how well your app does, review KPIs frequently, such as the number of updates your app has, your daily active users, stickiness, retention rate, and churn.

13. Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Traditionally, content marketing is known to be the process of accelerating growth, but it can involve the use of social media, film, blogs, and other formats. Success stories, infographics, use cases, and more are some examples of content for your app, as long as it’s all-important to your app. Content marketing aims to explain what the app is, how it has been used by some to support their lives, and what the name stands for.

Final Words

Any app is a failure if it does not have enough audience attracted towards it, and marketing your app is one of the key methods to drive an audience for writing the success story of your app. Hence, strategize your marketing campaign carefully as any loopholes may prove detrimental to your business.

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