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Awards to Desserts- Fun Fiesta at Brainium’s Annual Picnic 2024

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Awards to Desserts- Fun Fiesta at Brainium’s Annual Picnic 2024

Winter without a picnic is like Christmas without a cake!

Be it with families, friends, or colleagues, picnics are surely one-of-a-kind fun for which everyone awaits year long. It is a day that reminds individuals about taking a relaxing day out from the busy schedules of life where everyone runs in a rat race. Most organizations take a day out for a leisure escape through a picnic from the workloads to bask in the winter sun and enjoy the time amidst laughter and amusement.

We at Brainium Work hard and Play harder!

Brainium, just like every other year, organized its annual picnic meet 2024 on 10th February which witnessed unparalleled fun. As the most anticipated event came closer, everyone was enthusiastic and thrilled to enjoy the day out together and break free from the daily grind.

Away from the hustles and bustles of the city, the Brainites were thrilled to travel to the picnic spot which was Ashalata Garden at Duttapukur. The journey for the picnic started at around 8.30 am from the office premises as the Brainites enjoyed the bus ride to the destination. It was a day of Cheers and chips for the Coders!

The enchanting garden which was spacious and full of beautiful dahlias and other plants welcomed us with a lip-smacking breakfast and hot pipping tea on an enchanted winter morning.

Well, what’s a picnic for the Bengalis without some hot Karaishuti (Peas) Kachauri with Aloo Dum and Mishti?

As everyone indulged in the delicacies, grooving music made the environment a perfect setting for the picnic vibes.

Post breakfast, our CEO Mr. Sourav Sinha put out some motivating words followed by some graceful performances by some of the Brainites and the introduction of the family members who accompanied them. Later, Brainites indulged in some mid-day snacks and fun-filled activities like tug of war and badminton. From bytes to bites, everyone surely enjoyed the delectable treats and connected beyond the cubicles. While some were busy playing the games, others didn’t waste any time to click pictures to cherish for a lifetime.

As everyone seemed to enjoy the gala day, the delicious lunch spread that concluded with a dessert made its way right to the people’s hearts. The picnic was concluded with the award ceremony for the Brainites who showed excellence in work performance and walked the extra mile throughout the year. As the Brainites said goodbye to each other for the weekend and boarded the bus back home, the amazing day with unforgettable memories came to an end.

The grand picnic of Brainium was a day to remember as it set the Brainites for some fun extravaganza outside the scheduled deadlines and client meetings. It was replaced by fun banters, food, pictures, games, and delightful moments with a symphony of laughter.

Awaiting the picnic in the upcoming year and till then let’s dedicate ourselves to work better and come back with a blissful escape!

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