App Boom is Not Over! Let’s Get Done With the Misconception

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App Boom is Not Over! Let’s Get Done With the Misconception

A few days back, an article pontificating the fact that “App Boom is Over” actually made us start a discussion on whether app boom was really over or not. To be frank, often we get queries from clients like, “do we really need to develop an app when we already have a website which fits the mobile screen perfectly?” The article was about how a millennial found it difficult to spend a whole day without his phone as we are now dependent entirely on the apps. , From booking taxis to setting an alarm, from ordering food to picking up flowers for a date, everything is impossible without the phone. We actually wished if we could make all the clients who come up with similar queries read this article. Frankly, apps are still a necessity of our life, even more, vital necessity that what it was a year back.

If you are also thinking that the app boom is over and there is no need to invest in app development, then you are seriously mistaken. It is not just there, it’s becoming more popular as newer versions like instant apps and chatbots are coming into the picture to provide even more mobility for the users. Let’s explore the following ideas and debunk the myth of the dying popularity of apps.

What Do the Stats Say?

Statistics are pretty much straightforward in this case. It indicates that this is the best time till date to invest in app development for your business if you are looking forward to getting higher revenue figures. According to research, by 2020, the revenue generated by apps will be around $102 billion in the whole world. The top apps like Snapchats, Uber or Airbnb are still extremely popular. And every brand is trying to offer some cutting-edge characteristics that will perfectly suit the requirements of the consumers. In fact, the popularity of desktop and TV apps is also increasing, resulting in the pro-active approach of Apple and Google store.

Popularity of Instant Apps

This is the biggest thing that is misleading most of the people in the market. Basically, Native Apps are generally supposed to be downloaded and installed, thus occupying the memory of the Smartphone. On the other hand, Instant Apps are handier as you can access them from the store without downloading it to your phone. However, it doesn’t prove that app development is inconsequential now. These Instant Apps are also apps. But there is a downside of it too. These apps lack many features and facilities that a Native App can offer you because they are not downloaded and they have limited access to your information. So, if you have invested in iOS or Android apps, then don’t worry, your money is not going in the gutter.

Chatbots- Not Accessible in Near Future

Chatbots are another version of instant apps which will let you chat without the downloading hassle. Though it might contribute to revenue for biggies, it is yet to deliver a satisfactory user experience. It has similar limitations like instant apps and that is why native apps are still a favorite amongst everyone. Of course, there are chances for more development but Chatbots are not coming into the picture in the near future.

Hence, investing in app development is still a wise move on your part, just like it was before.  If you have any queries, fill up our contact form or drop by at our office ( | Let’s discuss the strategies and build a better future together for your brand with a compelling app.

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