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A Comprehensive Guide to On-demand Hiring model For Healthcare App Development 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to On-demand Hiring model For Healthcare App Development 2023
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A Comprehensive Guide to On-demand Hiring model For Healthcare App Development 2023

The health sector is metamorphosing digitally. More and more people are using healthcare apps. According to projections, the healthcare market is supposed to reach $189 billion by 2025. Thanks to healthcare app development and the wearable market, services are shifting beyond geographical reach to anyone with a smartphone. 

As a business owner in the healthcare sector, optimizing resources and maintaining cost efficiency have been a priority since the pandemic. The ever-rising patient demand along with heavy competition has forced healthcare facilities to adopt software solutions, giving rise to hiring healthcare app developers.

Source: Dev Technosys

However, hiring health app developers tailor-suited for your company isn’t as easy as it sounds. See, healthcare apps are not just for fun; a single error can cost a patient’s life. Hence, choosing app developers who can work exclusively on your healthcare app needs some assessment. 

But, before discussing the parameters of hiring health app developers, let’s focus on how healthcare software can bring solutions to your institution.

What can you get from healthcare mobile app development companies?

The health community is filled with doctors, technicians, caretakers, and so on. 

Technologies like blockchain development, IoT, robotics, and AI-ML are making huge progress, even in a demanding sector like healthcare. More than 80% of doctors are using some form of healthcare device. Most of the software solutions remain in compliance with the HIPAA regulations. 

Medical Diagnosis Software

Ever heard of Generic Human Disease Ontology (GHDO)?

That’s a new-generation diagnosis app that helps practitioners bring a diagnosis to the table by placing parameters. This type of software usually requires massive amounts of data along with multi-agent systems to support human diseases. 

Telemedicine Solutions

During Covid 19, telemedicine solutions became a lifesaver as most of us couldn’t go to hospitals for consultations. With telemedicine care solutions, medical professionals can connect with their patients online via healthcare software and give a proper diagnosis based on the patient’s symptoms. 

AI chatbots are also helpful in these scenarios for the initial conversation or booking a video chat with doctors. 

Pharmacy Applications

One of the most in-demand healthcare solution software right now is pharmacy apps. In fact, the global revenue growth for pharmacy apps alone is expected at 13.40%, resulting in a $52.33 billion market volume by 2027

This is also a direct consequence of the pandemic where most users had to order medicines online. Some key players in the Indian market, like Apollo Medicines, 1MG, and Med Plus, are delivering medicines online based on prescriptions uploaded by users.

Healthcare Management Information System (HMIS)

Healthcare management comprises a huge amount of data on patients, hospitals, suppliers, etc. HMIS is one of the most promising software solutions that can seamlessly automate data flow between hospitals and clinics. 

HMIS software helps facilities with collecting, categorizing, and analyzing day-to-day data to assist in smooth operation. It helps healthcare facilities to track patient history, doctor availability, and other services. If you own a healthcare business, investing in robust HMIS software will do a massive improvement to your business. 

Patient Monitoring Systems

It is a relatively new-age solution in the healthcare software development field. The patient monitoring system works on wearables and medical devices with sensors that track prognosis, generate data and send the data to the required system. Doctors can track these data to work with patients remotely. 

Things like glucose level, urine level, oxygen level, heartbeat, blood pressure—everything can be tracked with these devices. Thus, patients with critical heart issues, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases that require constant monitoring can benefit from this software solution. 

Wellness Applications

This primarily falls under self-improvement and personal well-being. With a massive section of people growing conscious regarding their lifestyle choices, wellness applications are doing well for many entrepreneurs. 

Wellness applications also target a broad section of problems like heart-rate tracking, weight changes, sleep patterns, calories burned, etc. Healthcare software solutions with wellness also come with meditations, yoga, music therapy, and counseling. 

Medical Equipment Management

Medical equipment is getting smarter with the incorporation of AI technology and Machine Learning. Medical hardware with smart algorithms not just controls operative movements, but also provides the analysis required in the management systems. These machines can predict downtime instances and maintain the machine’s efficacy for a long time. 

Providing healthcare software solutions in medical equipment management can save medical institutions’ expenses, delivering better ROI and patient care. 

How On-Demand And Flexible Hiring Can Help With Healthcare App Development?

Some healthcare app development companies in India offer on-demand developers for development services. An on-demand developer is a skilled professional who works on a flexible project-to-project basis. These individuals are highly qualified and usually have years of skills. 

While some work as a freelancer, available on platforms like Upwork, some companies, including ours, have full-time developers on demand. 

On-demand developers offer a range of services, including web development and software development. But most of them are recruited by companies for their specialized skills, like AI development or healthcare app development skills. 

Major Benefits of hiring on-demand healthcare app developers

Here are some of the benefits of hiring on-demand developers:


This is probably the biggest advantage of on-demand app developers. See, when you hire a developer from an agency, most of them will only be available for a certain amount of time for your project. But not on-demand developers. 

In this arrangement, you create a contract with a qualified healthcare app developer and they will work on your project only till it is completed. Once you are done, you can end the contract or keep on working with the developer for scalability. Most developers would work according to your time zones and you can hire them full-time or part-time, depending on the workload. 

Specialized Skills

On-demand developers are slightly different than other developers. You can access a wide range of specialized skills in specific programming languages, platforms, AI, or other skills. On-demand developers work with clients globally, so they are well aware of the scenario in any market. 

You can even hire developers from specific parts of the world, which is beneficial if you need to develop your app in a different language. Whether you need iOS, Android, or cross-platform app development, you can find healthcare software developers with the precise skills required for your project. This access to specialized skills can result in higher-quality app development and faster time-to-market.

Cost Efficiency

For any startup, the cost is a big factor to consider. Compared to hiring a full-time in-house team, hiring on-demand developers can be a cost-effective solution. With on-demand flexible hiring, you can avoid the expenses associated with employee benefits, office space, equipment, and training cost. 

Moreover, this type of hiring is great for businesses that have short-term projects, tight deadlines, and a need for specialized skill requirements. You have the flexibility to hire developers for specific project phases or durations, allowing you to optimize costs based on your budget and the project at hand. 

Better Focus On Core Competencies

With smaller teams, businesses often struggle to focus on their core competencies and strategic business activities, which is a big challenge. By outsourcing app development to on-demand developers, you can focus solely on marketing your app, planning strategies around it, and increasing your profit margins. 

Hence, you will be free of developing an app that requires a significant investment of time and effort. You can outsource this responsibility to a healthcare software development company in India and concentrate on other critical aspects of your business.

Risk Mitigation

Software development of any kind involves inherent risks, including technical challenges, delays, and budget overruns. Flexible hiring with on-demand developers helps you in managing such risks and can proactively address them.

They have the experience to identify potential bottlenecks, suggest workarounds, and mitigate risks effectively. Along with that, many on-demand developers offer warranties and support services, ensuring that any post-launch issues are resolved promptly.

Faster Time-To-Market

Ideas are flowing around everywhere. If you don’t deliver fast, other companies might launch a healthcare software app with similar concepts. The only way to stay afloat in the market is to work fast and work efficiently. 

On-demand developers are experienced professionals who understand the app development process and can deliver results swiftly. They can work around tight schedules and are proficient in using various development tools and frameworks. By hiring on-demand developers, you can significantly reduce the development time and bring your app to market faster. 

Fresh Perspective And Innovation

On-demand developers work with a diverse range of clients and projects globally which provides them with exposure to different industries and market trends. Exposure can be a great tool for any innovation. Exposure can result in fresh perspectives and innovative ideas for your healthcare app development.

These developers are experts in bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge, allowing them to suggest improvements and optimizations that you may not have considered otherwise.

These benefits make on-demand developers an attractive option for businesses looking to build successful and impactful mobile applications. 

However, there are some factors that you need to consider before hiring an on-demand developer. 

Factors To Consider Before Hiring On-Demand Healthcare App Developers

Even if you are outsourcing resources, for example, hiring an on-demand developer from a healthcare app development company, there are some aspects to remember. Healthcare apps require a high level of expertise, security, and compliance with industry regulations.

Factors to Consider Before Hiring On-Demand Healthcare App Developers
Experience and Expertise:

This is the primary requirement for any developer. Look for developers with a proven track record in healthcare app development. Experience in a similar field will give them the necessary technical skills, such as mobile app development, backend development, data security, and integration with healthcare systems.

Technologies like FHIR, HIPAA compliance, EHR/EMR, medical imaging, Machine Learning in healthcare, telehealth, etc., are some of the expertise to look for during your search. 

Check For Referrals And Portfolio:

A way to make sure you are hiring an expert is to ask for referrals from their clients and colleagues. They can provide you with valuable insights and help you make an informed decision. 

If you are hiring a person with decent years of experience in developing healthcare software, they must possess a portfolio. Make sure to check out their portfolio. Most on-demand freelance developers have their portfolios linked to their websites. 

User Experience and Design:

The most important thing for a healthcare app?

Source: Ramotion

Easy navigation and clear understanding for the customers. A well-designed and intuitive user interface is crucial for healthcare apps. The developers should have expertise in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design to create an app that is user-friendly and easily navigable. 

A review of their portfolio or a simple test of the quality of their design work should give you a definite answer on their ability to create a seamless user experience.

Focus On Data Security And Privacy:
Source: Security Magazine

Studies show that healthcare apps are prone to maximum cyber attacks. These apps handle sensitive patient information, so it is extremely essential to prioritize data security and privacy. Ask the developer during the consultation round about their expertise in security measures like encryption, secure data storage, access controls, and compliance with relevant standards.

Additionally, your hired healthcare app developer must have a clear understanding of data privacy regulations and be able to implement necessary features like user consent management and data anonymization.

Integration Capabilities:

Healthcare apps often need to integrate with various systems such as electronic health records (EHRs), medical devices, billing systems, or third-party APIs. Ask the developers about their expertise in integrating these systems securely and effectively.

Someone with years of experience in healthcare software should understand the complexities of interoperability and have the necessary knowledge to work with different data formats and protocols.

Communication and Collaboration:

Communication is essential for the success of any project. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, communicate with your on-demand developer early. Evaluate their communication skills, responsiveness, and ability to understand your requirements. Provide clear instructions and set realistic deadlines so that developers have enough time to understand your project. 

Consider their experience in working remotely and their proficiency in using collaboration tools for project management, like project tracking, version control, and multiple communication platforms.

Budget And Cost:

While cost is an important factor, it should not be the sole determinant. Take into account the value provided by the developers in terms of their expertise, experience, and the quality of their work.

Compare their pricing models, such as hourly rates or project-based pricing, and assess the overall cost concerning the expected quality and the scope of your healthcare app project.


Considering these above-mentioned factors might help you to make an informed decision when hiring on-demand healthcare app developers who are best suited to meet your specific requirements. 

By outsourcing software development, you can save a ton of money while improving your productivity. But, to make the most of this type of hiring, you need a reliable team who can manage the developers effectively and set clear expectations regarding the project. 

Partnering with a reliable and expert healthcare software development company in India like Brainium can prove beneficial for your business. With us, you not only get a top-notch healthcare app developer, but we provide a project manager who will keep track of the project’s progress and maintain constant communication with your team. You can individually interview each developer before selecting your preferred choice according to the suitability of your app development.

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