9 Wonderful Years of Success – Brainium Turns 9

Brainium Infotech

9 Wonderful Years of Success – Brainium Turns 9

A dream which began on 5th October 2009 in a small space with just 3 employees (and all of them are still part of our team, excellent isn’t it?) is just a year away from hitting double figures.

This year has been a challenging year for Brainium. But nevertheless, we continued our journey and kept thinking and marching forward.

So, here are the biggest milestones we created this year:

  • We re-branded ourselves. Brainium now has a new logo and a new website. The feedback that we have received from our clients has been very positive on this new makeover.
  • We became an ISO certified company this year. We always had a process-oriented approach, but it was good to get us certified.
  • Upskilling our employees – Brainium now boasts of a very superior team on Mobile Technologies. Almost 80% of our employees today are working on Mobile Apps.
  • We consciously moved towards a solution based approach. We already have more than 10 active, and easily customizable solutions for our clients and we strongly believe this to be a game changer which is bound to bear fruits in the coming years.
  • We are now focused more on emerging technologies like React Native, IoT & AI (Chat Bot). We have already seen an increase in inquiries for these technologies. We are proud to say that Brainites today are ready to take up new challenges in the areas of these emerging technologies and look forward to keep delighting the clients on our 10-year mark of business.
  • We now boast of an efficient service team who gets in touch with our clients on a regular basis and emphasizes on getting honest feedback. The feedback gets relayed to the production team, and we keep putting in our best efforts to keep all our old clients happy. It is a new department, and it is still a Work In Progress, and we hope to get better results in the coming days. We now provide Life Time Free Support for all our clients and it has been a game changer in our industry.
  • We are now equally focused on getting deals from India, especially Government deals. We had been primarily relying on foreign customers from inception, but this year we took substantial steps to change that. Happy to say that we have already won a deal with NKDA in West Bengal, and we are already in pole position in 2 other deals in the states of Jharkhand & West Bengal. It is another work we have progressed with recently and we hope to get some real and solid results by the next year.
  • Last but not the least, we are now a registered company in the United States. Brainium Information Technologies Inc now has its office in Santa Clara, California. We expect this to be a positive move for us as we get closer to our clients in our biggest market.

As we celebrate our 9th Anniversary, we remain indebted to all our employees, clients, vendors and partners without whom we wouldn’t have been able to make it this far in our journey.

We hope that we will keep getting their support as Brainium continues its journey towards excellence.

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  1. Kenneth John Morgan

    Congratulations…..been a client customer amd friend for almost 4 years, very satisfied with the service and relationship that has been built with this company. I look forward to a promising future for the company amd myself!

    October 8, 2018 at 9:14 pm
    1. Sourav Sinha

      Thanks Ken! Glad to delight you with our services. Looking forward to a great future!

      October 10, 2018 at 11:22 am

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