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7 Big Ideas That Will Evolve in 2023

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7 Big Ideas That Will Evolve in 2023

The year 2022 was a recovering year for the Indian economy. Despite the restrictions and severe losses that many industries suffered during the COVID-19, the technology sector stood out for its resilience.

As 2023 has started, we need to discuss the various ideas and talk about some tech trends that would help to shape this year.

What technologies are getting traction these days?

What should we be prepared for in 2023?

Let’s talk in detail.

Metaverse and AI Dominance Everywhere

Thanks to no-code Artificial Intelligence, it has become super easy to design interactive interfaces. Businesses are using AI to create intelligent products and services.

By 2022, virtual reality and some applications of AI have already taken a front seat.

Source: Plant Automation Technology

AI and immersive experience by metaverse can augment VR to introduce a much more seamless experience to learners. For instance, in the education sector, students can learn about historical monuments of the world in the metaverse.

In the eCommerce industry, autonomous shopping would be a huge trend. With the growing advancement of blockchain payments, it will be easier for consumers to pay for services and products.

A Noticeable Shift in Workplace Practices

There is a significant shift in workplace culture these days and it will continue. As new generations break into the workforce, mental health would be a factor to drive corporations to make certain policies.

A McKinsey report shows that every 4 out of 10 working professionals in India experience burnout before 30. One of the primary reasons?

A toxic work culture.

Traditional workplaces with overtime, lack of appreciation and increment, and lack of personal growth are only some of the things people used to suffer in silence.

With social media buzz regarding toxic work culture and professionals speaking about the mental health of employees in public forums, better practices will be a necessity. Identifying a team as a whole is important for the company’s as well as individual growth. Baseless competition and exploitation by management will only make employees leave an organization for better companies.

Connecting The Digital and Physical World Through Tech and Advertisement

Digital Twin Technology would be the real hero in the world of marketing and operation. For those who are unaware of Digital Twin technology, these are virtual simulations of real-world operations, procedures, and products mostly used to test out new ideas in a safe digital space.

Brainium is working with immersive technologies that provide a bridge between the real and virtual worlds. With these stimulations, engineers and strategists can use them to recreate physical objects inside the virtual world to test out ideas.

For instance, Amazon is using the Digital Twin algorithm to create a digital version of a consumer. Then they use this to provide a more customized user experience with marketing. The Digital Twin consumer visits their website and interacts with offers—boosting their data further.

Blockchain To Break into Citizen Services

Blockchain has been in the financial sector for some time. But its role is getting bigger and bigger with every passing year. Apart from having a massive impact on the financial sector, law enforcement is realizing the true potential of blockchain.

In India, the citizens of Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, can now file crime reports using India’s first blockchain-powered crime reporting portal. This helps to immune the information, avoiding it from going into the wrong hands.

Apart from that, there is a massive use of blockchain in the healthcare sector, internationally. Hospitals and healthcare units are benefiting from blockchain’s record-keeping, clinical trials, and patient monitoring data with more transparency and security.

Indian IT Companies to Lead the Way for Green Technology

There is quite a buzz around the role of Indian Inc. regarding green technology. Investments in sustainable tech development have doubled to $10 billion and are expected to reach $45 to $55 billion in the next five years.

According to Santhosh Jayaram, the Global Head of Sustainability at HCL Tech, “Indian IT services companies have a big role to play in helping others chart the path towards sustainability,”. He further states, “This could be in areas like efficiency improvements, risk mitigation, compliance or research and development – the application of digital can further the impact that companies are trying to make.”

Quantum Computing

Just like the metaverse, the world is in a race to develop quantum computing on a larger scale.

Quantum computing harness the power of quantum mechanics like superposition, interference, and entanglement to store and process information. It’s a huge technological leap that will allow our computers and laptops to work a trillion times faster than traditional processors.

Countries like USA, U.K., China, and Russia are pouring their investment into developing quantum computing technology. In 2021 alone, $1.1 billion was invested in quantum technology. In fact, a report by Globe Newswire suggests that the quantum computing market might expand to 500% by 2028.

However, a potential danger of developing quantum computing at such a scale is that it could break the encryption of data. Say any nation that develops quantum computing can break the encryption of other nations, businesses, and security systems.

Hybrid Workplaces to Become Mainstream

As we discussed before, mental health has become a priority even for companies. Before COVID-19, employees used to suffer mental issues in silence.

The pandemic forced organizations to prioritize employee well-being and take significant measures to prevent depression and anxiety. This is where the hybrid workforce takes a very important role. Hybrid work is a perfect balance that prevents employees from social isolation, which was a main cause of increased depression among young employees.

Brainium has a working hybrid work culture that helps our human resource team to track the mental wellness of our employees better. The incorporation of employee engagement programs, video chats, games, and other activities keeps our employees socially motivated, ultimately helping our company grow sustainably.

Are you looking forward to any of these big trends? What other ideas do you think will emerge in 2023?

Let us know in the comments.

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