4 Mind Blowing Tips to Design a Compelling UX

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4 Mind Blowing Tips to Design a Compelling UX

The user experience of an app is all about creating a moment that will be followed by your potential consumers depending on their instincts. There are more than 2 million apps in the App Store and Google Play Store. But that number doesn’t define how many of them are successful. Basically, there are many brands that come up with the app just for the sake of it. Neither they invest time in research and analysis, not they think about the purpose the app is going to serve. As a result, their apps fail miserably to create the necessary moment that will compel the user to come back again and again. This is precisely the reason why more than 20% of the apps die an untimely death.

If you are thinking of developing an app for your business, then surely you aim to provide your customers with some amazing user experience. You can actually do that by designing a brilliant UX. How to design such a UX for the app? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Understanding of UI and UX

Adding emotions in designing can play a pivotal role in the current market scenario. If your user gets engaged with your emotional design, needless to say, it will make him/her aware of their exclusivity within the community. This helps the user to understand the credibility, pleasure, and attention that he/she will get in return from the product. Visual impact is necessary to influence the mind first. Additional details like colors, shapes, and sizes can also empower the design to offer more delight to the user. For example, the most popular colors of iPhone are white, black and gold which remind users of power elegance and formality. So, first, you need to create the right UI before you set out for designing UX. But one thing you need to keep in mind, a good UI is not always an indicator of good UX. So, don’t just give up after designing UI.

Prune Your Vocabulary

Users or the clients don’t really use the technical terms and jargons in their communications. They don’t really care for them either. When it comes to vocabulary in UX, make sure you are using the terms that they are familiar with. Too much of jargon can alienate them which won’t really work for you as a designer.

Trusting Theory

Designing the UX is about keep designing elements structured in a symmetrical and predictable order so that it can offer a direction to their user. Gestalt principles can help you in this case. It groups the elements in the right way so that the human brain can find it easier to understand the design and its functionality. While using the app, surely the user won’t like to go through complexities that will use memory load in the brain.

Donald Norman’s principles can help you once you have implemented Gestalt principles to make your users feel what you are offering. Visceral, Behavioral and Reflective theories help you understand the psychology of your users so that you design the UX which will compel the users visually and emotionally.


Now, it is also necessary for you to understand the usability of the UX for your product or service. Does your design affect the usability in terms of simplicity? Does it help you to communicate with the users and give them directions? The UX should be compelling enough so that the user can feel the natural flow and functionality while using the app. Any error can prevent them from having the great experience that you aim to provide them with.

So, now as you know about these tips, surely you will able to design a brilliant UX that will contribute to the long life for your app.

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