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From 30 to 30 Thousand Facebook Fans: How and What we did?

From 30 to 30 Thousand Facebook Fans: How and What we did?



Monginis is a renowned chain of Cake and Confectionery Shops that serve in Eastern part India. Currently, the enterprise operates through approximately around 145 shops in the Eastern part of the country.

They wanted us to manage their online presence through Facebook. When they hired us, they had only 30 ‘Likes’ on their Facebook page.The interaction and engagement on the page had to be increased substantially to build a good rapport among their fans and build an effective brand image.
The overall challenge was to increase their fan base and engagement on a regular basis by sharing good content.


Our client asked us to adhere to the following:

1. 90% of all the Facebook posts should be related to Monginis products.
2. No Facebook Advertisements for the Initial phase
3. Only 1 to 2 posts thrice a week.
They were not ready to advertise, so getting Likes from Fans was difficult.
They had had a small stock of images that got exhausted within the first few weeks. The posts were monotonous as they were only about their products.
Also, they were not ready to showcase their Facebook page in their offline marketing efforts.

Implementation of Plan

With the help of our expert’s strong conviction, digital marketing expertise and long time industry presence along with our understanding and sound knowledge of Social media marketing, we were able to create a strategy for our reputed client. To begin with, we first optimized the page with proper Content, Logo, Cover Photo & Tabs to make it user friendly.
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Targeted Facebook Ad campaigns
With our highly targeted Facebook Ad campaigns, the client’s social media reached people who at first were completely unaware about Monginis's Facebook presence and currently the page has 30k plus likes where we started with just 30.

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