Brainium – Winner of the ‘Best Start-Up in India’ Award 2020

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Brainium – Winner of the ‘Best Start-Up in India’ Award 2020

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford

This is the ultimate success story of Brainium Information Technologies. Starting from three ambitious people coming together with new ideas, dreams & will to risk everything to be a growth holding organization, we have come a far way and our achievements over the decade depict that story of hard work, dedication & success.

Now another feather has been added to our crown. It’s been a proud moment for Brainium to be awarded as The Best Start-Up In Indian 2020 By GTF (Global Triumph Foundation). 

More About GTF and GTF Startup Summit

Global Triumph Foundation is a leading global analytical company which provides ratings, research & market-driven research. GTF acknowledges companies, organizations or educational institutes which have been out stood in their professional sector with excellence, originality,  effectiveness, creativity, growth & success. 

With more than 300 award categories GTF admires talents of all sectors from business to education to healthcare. They identify leading brands & professionals in a particular business category & invite them to market research depending on their geographical zone and the business they offer. 

Any business or organization can nominate themselves for the award of their business types. Only 25% of them can cross the stage of initial screening and go further. Depending on many key factors of the business GTF chooses the winner. 

The Startup Summit 2020

Global Triumph Foundation organized the event of Startup Summit 2020 in Hotel Royal Orchid Bangalore on 1st Feb 2020. This event was organised to celebrate the brightest & bravest who took all risks to launch a new enterprise.

The event was not just about giving recognition or admiration of the entrepreneurs but it became the huge conference of connecting all innovators, business model creators, consultants, venture capitalists, policymakers, support groups and business coaches with each other to fuel business growth. The open discussion about each aspect of business enriched every person over there with information, ideas & motivation. 

Highlights of the GTF Summit:

  • Recognition of your business in such a large platform
  • Come under the biggest networking event for Entrepreneurs around Asia
  • Get extensive media coverage & direct interaction with the media
  • Showcase your product or service in detail
  • Adapt best business practices from the outstanding startup practitioners
  • Get press releases over thousands of news sites over the internet
  •  Identify and create New Clusters and Global Economic Activities
  • And most importantly get great ideas to grow the business faster & more efficiently

Here are some pictures of our MD & CO-Founder receiving the award for Brainium Information Technology  in GTF Strat-up Summit

GTF Start-up summit 2020

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