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A Day to Cherish – Annual Office Picnic 2023

Picnic 2023
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A Day to Cherish – Annual Office Picnic 2023

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.”

All of us know the importance of taking breaks from work. But somehow, in the hustle and bustle of life, we tend to forget it.

But not Brainium. To give the employees their well-deserved power break, we arranged an annual meet-up and picnic on 11th February 2023.

Away from the noise of the city, we went to a secluded picnic spot near Duttapukur, in Barasat.

The day started early with Brainites getting excited about the trip. Most of us met at the Kolkata office, in front of Shakti Tower, where chartered buses were waiting to take us to the destination of the day. The journey started around 8.30 am on a beautiful Saturday morning with people joining us on the way.

After reaching the picnic spot, excited Brainites started exploring the serene gardens of the place. Soon, a delicious Bengali-style breakfast was served to get us energized for the day. Nothing beats a winter morning breakfast than kochuri, alur dom, and gurer sandesh, isn’t it?

After the hearty meal, it was time for some games and fun. The Tug of War is an all-time favorite amongst the Brainites, so we had multiple rounds of the game, followed by Musical Chairs.

The picnic spot had a beautiful mango garden (aam bagaan) which was perfect for playing cricket, football, and badminton. Everyone took turns while others were busy roaming around near the pond or hogging the swing!

Some gathered to listen to songs while others were busy catching up on the latest gossip.

Then came the prize distribution ceremony among the Brainites. Team members cheered for each other while they got acknowledged for their hard work and efforts. After the prize distribution, it was time for lunch.

Brainites love food. So, it made sense to have a delicious Bengali-style cuisine to complement the amazing day. The menu comprised all the wonderful dishes one can imagine. Rice, Fish Fry, Chicken, Mutton, Sandesh, Rosogolla—it was a finger-licking treat, to say the least.

After some photo sessions, it was time to bid farewell to a day full of wonderful memories.

A lot of our team members work from home or have a hybrid working schedule. Hence, the picnic was the perfect opportunity to meet with each other and spend quality time with our team members.

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