A website is an integral part of your strategy and brand identification, your biggest stakeholders in many cases. You need to get it right to impress your clients and customers. Our endeavor is to create a strong online presence for your brand and offer you the competitive edge through our web design and development services. From multi-functional web portals to online stores we have done it all. Our expert web designers, developers and solution architects offer you solutions as per the latest market trends.


WebsiteFor Small Businesses

If you are looking to go online and create a strong footprint we offer you high quality web development solutions at competitive rates. Our team will study your requirements and create a site that addresses your needs and offers you the competitive edge.

Ecommerce For Small Businesses

Ecommerce is on everybody’s book as online shopping is becoming a trend. Our ecommerce development service is focused on creating a robust online store that allows you to convert leads into sales. We integrate the latest technologies and frameworks to ensure you have a high conversion rate.

CustomApplication Development

Custom web apps work exactly the way you want them to. We can develop apps from scratch or built them around your existing systems (legacy systems) thus providing a bridge between the old and the new. The web apps are methodically coded and are maintenance free, flexible and scalable.

Content Management System

If you need a custom CMS that fits your business workflow we can create that for you. We understand your unique business requirements. Our custom solutions range from basic web content management system to enterprise content management with complex workflow management.



Magento is a feature rich ecommerce solution that offers you flexibility and complete control over the look, content and functionality of an Online Store. It is an opensource technology that combines design with the latest ecommerce features to create online stores and get the online sales booming.


It is the most widely used opensource CMS solution used to create websites and blogs. It makes the whole process of managing, updating and editing your website's content as simple as it can be. It allows businesses to manage their web presence in a code free environment. It is the largest self-hosted blogging tool that can applied to a wide range of projects.


It is a powerful opensource Content Management System (CMS) that can be used for developing different aspect based applications such as E-commerce, catalogue, and business directory and can also be used for project management.


This opensource software maintained and developed by a community of developers is extensively used in web and application development. Its modular architecture makes design and development an easy process and can be used to create solutions for large sized database with complex functionality.


It is a CRM solution that automates your core sales, customer service and marketing processes.It empowers businesses to unify information and use it to adopt across the different business operations and facilitates easy decision making.


One of the most popular frameworks CakePHP is open source and follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach. It use well known software engineering concepts and software design patterns such as Convention over configuration, Active Record, Association Data Mapping, and Front Controller.


It is one of the most versatile framework and based on PHP 5 under the BSD license. This object-oriented framework uses the MVC model from a holistic level. It is equipped with use-at-will architecture which interacts with freely connected parts.


This is an opensource web application framework used in creating dynamic websites with PHP. It has a rich set of libraries for commonly needed tasks and a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries.


Symfony is a PHP framework based on the MVC archetype. Here the users have the privileges of supporting the web applications and re-establishing repetitive coding tasks. It is known for low performance overhead costs that makes it popular


AngularJS is a Javascript framework by Google that majorly targets the development of browser based applications. It functions with the Model View Controller pattern and thus lowering the development time and allowing the testing task a simple one. Web apps created by using AngularJS are rather simple to test and manage


As an asynchronous event driven framework, Node.js is designed to build scalable network applications.

Node.js® is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine.Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient.

We have proven expertise and considerable experience to develop mobile apps across all the major mobile platforms and verticals. Our client base includes digital agencies, enterprise and start ups across the globe. Our app team has worked for them as an extended workforce and delivered quality apps within time and budget.

iPhone is one of the most popularly used mobile phones across the globe. From youth to the technology savvy business professionals, iPhone is a popular device across generations and places.

With more than 600,000 apps hosted in the App Store you cannot leave the business of iPhone App development to amateurs.

If you have a mediocre, poorly performing app you will not find users to use it hence you cannot monetize it. We have highly experienced iphone development team who will take care of your business requirements.

The Google Play app store hosts more than 1.6 million apps and have recorded more than 25 billion downloads. So there is a high chance that your potential customer is using android mobile devices.

Developing Android App does incur additional cost, but the cost of lost opportunity far outweighs that of the cost of accommodating android devices - especially considering the rapid growth of Android adoption in the coming years.

Being an open source platform it does not charge any license fee. So, the cost of development is minimized.

If you are a start up or a small business looking to build an app for multiple platform but you want to keep the cost low and time to market less then Hybrid App is the right choice. With Hybrid app you can save 40-50% on development cost and 40-50% on development time as compared to native apps. With latest Hybrid App Framework like Ionic/PhoneGap Hybrid App can access native features of the phone and can implement most of the features which are possible through native app.

We have developed apps in the following areas of business

  • GPS based Real Time Application
  • Classified Application
  • m-commerce application
  • Educational application
  • Fun application
  • Utility application
  • Health application
  • Job application

34 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020. Nearly $6 trillion will be spent on IoT solutions over next five years.

Brainium is a leading IoT service provider from India. Brainium works with enterprises including products, services and manufacturing companies to provide IoT solutions to connect machines and devices to IoT platforms and develop custom solutions to convert the data collected into information and analytics.

Brainium has expertise in working with leading IoT platform like IBM Watson, AWS IoT, Azure IoT, Particle IoT and myDevices IoT

Our IoT services include:

  • Platform identification and evaluation
  • Solution Architecture
  • Integration with IoT platform
  • App development
  • System integrations
  • Support and Enhancement

In today’s competitive business environment Outsourcing is the most popular business model in day-to-day business management. Outsourcing aims at improving business operations, reducing operational cost and increasing competitiveness and efficiency.

From web design and development to search engine optimization and Internet Marketing, Brainium can be your perfect outsourcing partner. Having served 2000+ clients across 22 countries with high rate of accuracy we are capable of delivering high performance.

We have currently engaged with more than 50 digital agencies, software firms and online businesses from around the globe as their extended team and backend. We have created a great rapport with our clients with some ongoing relationships dating back to our inception.

How We Deliver


We have a talented team of designers, developers, optimizers and marketing specialist and state-of-the-art infrastructure to handle multiple projects at the same time. We have devised robust quality control mechanism and respect the privacy concerns of our customers. Our team members are bound by all agreements we make with our clients. This has helped us deliver and sustain long-term relationship with our clients.

outsourcing Models we offer

Offshore Development Center

With our large talent pool and state-of-the-art infrastructure we can easily create an Offshore Development Center with the team dedicated specifically to your needs. This allows you to have an extended team at competitive cost that seamlessly integrates into your business process.

Dedicated HIRING

If your requirement revolves around hiring an individual or a small team to work fulltime or part-time in your project our dedicated hiring model is best suited for you. We offer services of dedicated web developers, mobile application developers, web designers and internet marketing professionals on full time or per time basis.


When you have a wide range of requirements you can opt for our flexi hiring model. Here you can purchase hours of service and then use it as per your needs. A single flexi hiring package allows you to engage designers, developers, mobile developers and marketing specialist.

Project Based HIRING

You can hire our designers, developers or marketers on a project basis. There are no minimum contract term for this and our team would guarantee you competitive pricing as well as high ROI.

Our Internet Marketing Services helps you increase your online visibility, conversion and returning traffic from various sources – Google, Bing, Facebook, Email and Web Applications. We help you find your target audience online, measure the demand for your products and services online and optimize so that you become the primary destination for this demand. We offer you a host of services to lead an effective Internet Marketing campaign. This includes -

Search Engine Optimization

With millions of searches being conducted around your product or services you need to be found for the right set of keywords and key phrases. Our optimization service ensures that you are found more often than your competitors.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the coolest thing on the Internet and your target audience is spending an increasing time on social media platforms. Our marketing services ensure you draw maximum mileage out of this phenomenon.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

This is one of the most potent marketing techniques being used these days. You pick up your keywords, your geography, and times of day and fix the budget and we will optimize your campaign on these parameters to fetch you maximum results.

Email Marketing

Our Email Marketing services is aimed at offering you maximum conversion rate and reducing spam reports. We do not practice mass mailing but focus on target audience who are likely to be interested in your products and services.

Online Reputation Management

If you are in need of fixing the negative online perception of your organization we can help you with. Our Reputation Management Services revolves around creating the right noise about you online.

Conversion Optimization

It is not enough to generate leads. You need to convert them into sales and our Conversion Optimization service is focused on turning your leads into sales. Here we optimize your entire marketing structure to achieve success.



Once we get the traffic to your website our target is to convert these leads into sales. Our conversion optimization service takes the lead role and ensures that the user takes the desired action and adds to your profits. It is also equally important for your business to remain in contact with the customer for future business and we ensure that your customers remain happy and you establish a strong relationship with them.


The primary goal of any Internet Marketing campaign is to drive quality traffic to your website. Here our marketing experts focus on campaigns that would bring in targeted traffic to your website that will add maximum value to your business. Targeted traffic means users, who are more likely to engage with your website, take a desired action and give you an end sale.


The first step in our process is to create a strategy that is focused on a strong ROI. Our marketing strategists study your business and also research on your competitors and the latest trend in your industry. There are a number of things that we take into account-your targeted keywords, back-link portfolio analysis and the trend among the Internet users. This helps us develop a concrete marketing plan that will fetch results both immediately and in the long term.