Sneaky Acts-iOS & ANDROID APP

Sneaky Acts pulls real time information from all the government web sites and databases. This gives you real time access to everything that is happening in Parliament at any time of day. See the latest bills and legislation, what’s going on in the house of lords and so much more. With the added bonus of being able to vote on each bill just as a politician would, you can compare your votes with that of every other user of the app. With enough users the voting system can be used to put real pressure on the government to do the will of the people as opposed to the will of the MPs.

When bills or legislations need to be passed in Parliament, the traditional method of getting it done is very cumbersome. It involves multiple steps such as approaching different people, getting their votes, calculating and comparing. The app was built to lessen these troubles, and simplify the process by making it faster.

The APP created the provision of a single platform to pass a mass petition. Here users can easily access the details, like or dislike bills or legislations and have their opinions reflected that way. We allowed users to individually login and tracked their likes and dislikes count to calculate votes and compare the totals. These votes directly affect the counting in the Parliament, thereby removing the constraints of accessibility to the MP’s altogether. The user also gets to stay updated with whatever is going on in the parliament through the APP, so that they can instantly cast their votes.