Gone are the days when you had to file reports, documents and plans in filling cabinets, folders and other places! Pindigo Improve minimize paper work and manual process of managing document and reports. Pindigo improve ensures you can now be 'Ever Ready' for any kind of inspection, meeting or review in moments. Pindigo uses professional standards and the OFSTED framework, so you can rest assured that your school is always inline.

Client wanted to sell this as a SAAS based product and wanted to sell each module individually to each user. So the most complicated part was user role matrix implantation along with making each module with “on/off” feature so that if any client does not want any particular feature, it can be put “off” from the super admin and client only pays for the features that they are using.

This system required some complicated PDF and DOC file creation and visualization on screen along with file sharing over google drive and dropbox using this system.

First we created a users list and defined each users a role and created a role matrix which the super admin can control. So super admin can control what sub admin and users under sub admin can view. Also sub admin can decide if users inside his team can only view, edit or delete. Since this is a SAAS based product so each client data is different from another.

We used server software and web based API to solve all PDF and DOC file related issue which can be shared on Google Drive and dropbox using their respective API.