Jaws Alert is a shark and wildlife notifications APP that facilitates you to be aware of attacks and sightings of sharks, whales, bait balls and wildlife across the globe & also notify other users. It helps you discover and mark closed beaches around the globe. One can also stay updated with the weather, tides and swells report of any place at any point of time. The APP also facilitates you to find and call all emergency contacts and local authorities.

The objective of the APP was to make people aware of accidents and possible dangers due to sharks and other wild-lives. It was essential to track all sightings, attacks and beach restrictions all over the world, along with accurate weather and tides-swell forecasts; and also enable users to reach the correct authority nearby at the time of emergency.

We used multiple APIs for fetching information, used GPS to track user’s current location and accordingly zoomed in to show tags and displayed graphs along with figures for weather reports, tides and swells forecast. We also tracked and displayed important emergency authorities such as – Ambulance, Police, Fire, Water Police, Poison Control and other similar contacts for every location.