Gumshoe is a facilitator app for checking and acting on Instagram posts. Gumshoe's intuitive interface allows for an easy transition to the browsing functions you wish you had. It works to facilitate overcoming of Instagram’s limitations.

Instagram, with all its amazing features still comes with some limitations. There are certain things which a user is unable to do in Instagram such as – zooming a picture, searching of old posts, say a post uploaded 50 days ago, or pausing a video to watch later. The idea of the app was to remove these boundaries and give a better experience to users with more features.

The APP allows user to view old posts in Instagram that user might have missed, so he/she can like or comment on it once again. Unlike Instagram which shows only the latest feed, Gumshoe gives user the chance to dig out a previous post. User can zoom a picture posted in Instagram, and pause and see videos posted. We have used the API provided by Instagram to work on these features, and make these features available through the app.